Chemical Indicator Pack(Type 5) - 耗材展示 - 牡丹江等离子体物理应用科技有限公司

Chemical Indicator Pack(Type 5)


Validity: 24 months

Method of storage:

* Store it under ambient temperature and at free sunlight

* Prevent direct contact with Agent or other oxidant or peroxide

Application and identification method:

* Used in VH2Osterilizer, as one kind of packing material

* It is qualified, if indicator color reaches contrast color or less than contrast color


* Standard size

   75mm,100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,300mm width and 80m        


* Optional size

   50mm,350mm & 400mm width and 80m length

Free-bacteria assurance period after sterilization

* 6 months from sterilization date

Notes: Single use and do not use, if there have any damage